Products and Service....

We mainly raise pigs.  We breed our own and sell them as weaners, so you can raise them yourself.  We also sell various pork cuts and sausage at our local Farmer's Market and in the grocery store in Fraser Lake only.  We no longer sell wholes or halves, but may have the odd one available from time to time.  Feel free to check with us about that.

Our hogs go to slaughter at about the age of 6 months and we take them to a licenced abattoir in Vanderhoof.  The slaughter and all processing is government inspected.

We currently have 4 breeding sows - 3 are purebred Berkshire and 1 is a Yorkshire X.  The York is pink, but produces multi-coloured babies.  We have our own Berkshire boar who we breed our sows with.
IMPORTANT NOTE... we do not castrate our boars

Besides pigs, we raise heirloom turkeys and broiler/roaster chickens.  We are all sold out of turkeys for this year, but check with us for availability of whole frozen chickens.
Our birds are "pastured" rather than free-run or free-range, which means they are outside, running around on grass, scratching the earth and eating bugs, rather than enclosed in a barn.  We supplement what they find outside with fruit & veg scraps from the local grocery store and with commercial poultry grower.

We also have 1 sheep, but he is a pet and his job is to mow the lawn!

Compost....  with all these animals and birds, of course there is plenty of manure.  It is mostly mixed with hay from their bedding, but if you'd like some, just let us know.