We are a family owned and run farm.  We are a small operation, and started out just wanting to sustain ourselves with homegrown meat and vegetables.  Each year we've gotten a little bigger and a little bigger and are now raising pastured pigs, chickens and turkeys.  We very much believe in the 100 Mile diet, supporting and promoting locally grown food.  We want to contribute our pork to the local market.

Our pigs are born and raised here on our farm, without the use of growth additives, animal meat by-products, hormones or steroids. In Spring, Summer and Fall they are grass fed in the pastures of our farm.  They are free to gambol and root to their hearts' content.  They have continuous access to indoor housing and a fresh supply of clean, natural spring water.  We supplement their free-range with plenty of dairy, fruit & veg discards from the local grocery store and commercial hog grower.  In the fall they get barrels and barrels of apples and pumpkins from local growers.   For several years, we fed them an oat-barley mix, with added vitamins and minerals, but they did not do as well.  Now they are growing better, with less fat, are happier and healthier.  They always have access to the highest quality locally grown hay.  We let them out into the pastures during the day, even in winter as they seem to enjoy running and playing in the snow, but we put them back in the barn at night.
We treat all our animals humanely and with respect. Thusly, if they are sick, and it is necessary to restore health and prevent suffering, we will use antibiotics and/or medicated feeds.  For this reason, we cannot be classified as 100% organic, but we are willing to lose that title to avoid the suffering of  any animal.  The other reason we are not organic is because the grain we feed our pigs is not organic.  It is much more expensive to buy organic grain and that is why certified organic meat is so expensive.  Instead, our pork is "natural".Not only are our pigs pastured and natural, they are hand grown.  We spend time with them and interact multiple times a day, walking amongst them, giving them scratches and hand feeding them apples with the occasional treat of a sugar cube.  We grow extra veggies in our garden in the summer, just for them. We believe the best quality pork comes from pigs that are treated well and have lived happy, stress free lives.  And if we eat healthy food, we will be healthy, too.